Cosplay of Machiasobi

Tokushima embraced Machiasobi, one of the biggest seiyuu and talk show events, this Golden Week. The event also featured small outdoor concerts, all for no cost. The community and volunteers were all supportful, considering the fact that the town doesn’t usually deal with such a large influx of people and traffic. The eateries were booming, the night was lit up with the colorful glow of concert lights, cosplayers were cosplaying and everyone enjoyed over 12 hours of events from Thursday to Sunday night.  One of the final events was a wonderful cosplay red carpet march, typically found at anime events in Japan. The creator of the Occulus Rift was also present, with his significant other, sporting a sunburn and a stomach full of an event packed weekend.


Metal Gear Solid IV – Solid Sun – End of Act 2

The end of Act 2 was amazing. An expected guest (if one has seen the trailers) makes his arrival and has one of the best if not the best fight in Metal Gear history. The journey towards the end was also exciting and probably the best chase scene in the series. The rest of the act was fairly simple, point A to point B action where we learn about how to spot collateral damage on the field and find enemy tracks. Not to say it was boring, but it gave us time to see how great the in game graphics were. The F.R.O.G.S or Liquids private army made up of women that have suits which blend in so well that when I took out my gun to prepare to possibly take one down silently from a distance, I ended up holding up an enemy in front of me by accident! She was so camo’ed that if I had moved another inch I may have been dead, but luckly she was preparing to ambush me facing the other way.

The mid-boss fight was interesting and could have possibly been really hard because it was the first boss of the game, and she was fighting me in tight corners. But in fact it was slightly entertaining, because of her abilities and pretty easy. I could walk up to her and place C4’s everywhere around her and she would do nothing to prevent me from doing this except whip me once. Needless to say I wasted more rations on the F.R.O.G.S than her. These were the most interesting part of act 2, the beginning was in fact a little slow, but once it picks up the action never stops. Drebin and Naomi also plays a much larger role in this stage than he previously did, so prepare for more videos of him and Naomi. By the way I’m 15 hours in and on Act 3/5 and from the end of act 2 prespective I would rate act 1 8/10 and act 2 9/10.

Metal Gear Solid IV – End of Act 1 –

Act 1 was clearly a chapter used to get us familiar with everything. There were loads of weapons, very few dark areas, and a lot of support from the militia. Throughout this peroid we get to see a lot of heros and villians from the past games and get an idea of what is actually going down. Act 2, “Solid Sun”, looks like its going to be tougher apparently we have to earn support from the local rebels and sneak in the dark.

The mission briefing time is pretty fun, theres a lot to see while they are telling you whats next, you can use that little robot to hang out and see what Sunny is doing or you can explore the place. A lot of product placement PS3, PSP, Apple computers, Konami games and references are lying around. At the beginning of act 2 we get to see something disturbing. We get to see how Snake would look like if he had boobs, and if he had a bunch of robotic “Dr. Octopus” style tentacles sticking out of his head.

I work both days this weekend so I may not finish Act 2 until next week.

Metal Gear Solid IV Limited Edition (4 LE) Unboxing

This is the Limited Edition box for MGS IV and was only available upon preorder. It costed around 20 bux more than the normal version, but it came with a nice cardboard box, which I originally thought felt like plastic. It doesn’t feel like cardboard, which tells us about the quality Konami put into this LE version. On the back is a removable cover which details what is inside, in fact it has to be removed before we can explore whats inside. As we pop it open we realize the case does not open like a standard case, which is a nice touch. We can see the bonus blu-ray making of disc and the game disc inside.

They give us a pretty nice warning about the spoilers ahead of time incase we decide to jump straight into the special blu-ray. Beside the movie sits the special edition soundtrack with tracks listed on the back of the spoiler sheet. What I love is how the special blu-ray comes with its own awesome cover thats different from the game cover and the box cover. Next to my game sits my white DS3, which I got at Nagoya stations Bic Camera and feels awesome in this game.

The art book is like any standard art book, but it doesn’t just provide pretty art, but bios and information on the making of the game as well. Good work Konami! Now keep this up for the next Suikoden and Zone of the Enders LE *hint* *hint*


I’m enjoying Metal Gear Solid IV quite a bit right now. After the opening and a few playable parts and cutscenes you are thrown right into the battlefield. The graphics are stunning and scenes cut right into the gameplay as the Metal Gear series has always done. The environment is large and interactive like the previous games and getting use to the use of weapons again wasn’t hard, but I died a few times trying to find routes around the enemies because the stealth suit fails on me at the wrong times. It didn’t take long to get use to how hiding and avoiding detection works in this MGS, but while I was learning how to be stealth I found the iPOD in my inventory. It looks like while the world is going to hell with proxy wars and crazy mech armies, the iPOD continues to rule the this mp3 world.

While going through the intro bits of the iPOD in which they state we should be listening after our first play through because there might be spoilers (but there aren’t) I found it more comfortable to leave it on while waiting for guards to pass. They have a talkshow with Aki and friends, and a variety of music. I found it funny and oddly out of the mood when I had Jpop play while I was sneaking around heavily armed soldiers, but hey apparently it lowers Snakes stress level, which I have no idea right now why it’s beneficial. I guess higher stress is like smoking in the previous games and you start losing life. Another little funny I discovered while listening to my iPOD and that Ooishi Two-Han Jpop tune is that the little kid in the start menu (after you meet up with Octacon) dances when the kid hears it. Apparently each song affects what video uplink you get and the people in the videos activity. This is what I enjoy about the MGS series, theres so much going on around you and the fun never stops and apparently neither does the marketing.