Celebrating the Cherry Blossoms

It has been a while since my last photography walk. The weather, wasn’t so fantastic, but even haze and clouds can present the best opportunity with the sun still shining through.  A prime place that many choose to overlook is Nagoya Castle.  It’s the most obvious location, but others believe a more rural setting would be better, which isn’t always true!


Yotsuba & Danboard Exhibition!

2013 is Yotsuba’s 10th anniversary! Originally written a decade ago, this successor series to Azumanga Daioh has spawned 12 volumes to date.  Azuma, the author, graciously signed the wall in Nagoya’s Parco.  To celebrate this anniversary, a cafe with Yotsuba themed food, and a exhibition is being held until the 9th of December in Nagoya.  No pictures were allowed inside, but it was filled with original artwork, official goods released over the years, and the real life tools that inspired the items found in the manga.

This included scooters, stuffed animals, and exercise equipment! At the very end of the exhibition, were dozens upon dozens of custom designed Danbos, another giant Yotsuba and a mini gift shop.  The full sized gift shop was beside the cafe and featured clothing, and other daily life goods.  Tickets are 500 yen and special tickets are 1500 yen, including a nice collector mini-danbo, which commemorates the event!

2013 World Cosplay Summit

Attending the 2013 Cosplay Summit, was a no brainer for someone with a new lens, so I set about a small photo walk to see what I could find.  The greatest shots available this year were groups shots, especially from Final Fantasy and Attack on Titan.  There were great individual cosplayers, but teams were just too great!

Golden Week Adventures!

Last year, Golden Week was a continuation of my year long journeys around Japan. This year, I’ve hardly been out of Nagoya for work and vacationing. Originally, I had planned to visit Shikoku and Kyushu this year, but everyone had other plans. The trip still may come to fruition, but it is uncertain when. April 29th was the official start day of Golden Week for many people, or April 28th for those that don’t work or have school on weekends. After a great sushi night, and a walk from Kanayama to Kamimaezu and Nagoya, I celebrated my first day of Golden Week working on my Yotsuba model, SimCity and Saizeriya for dinner. Slowly and carefully, I will be finished sometime later this year.

Tomorrow, a day of karaoke is planned with some friends! Also, following up on Maaya Sakamoto’s concert, it was fun, but not as entertaining as her Route38 concert! The first half were all songs from her new album (as we expected) and other lesser known songs. The second half had a medley of her best songs, and finished with a Macross Frontier song, and one of my favorite songs, Poketto wo kara ni shite!

Sakamoto Maaya Concert this Friday!


I have my tickets to Maaya Sakamoto’s concert in Nagoya! This time I’m not alone! I will be going with 2 friends and I’m really looking forward to it! Apparently, this concert is to celebrate the release of her 8th album. Her 8th album will contain 8 new songs, mostly written and produced by Maaya Sakamoto, with a remix of Everywhere and a new arrangement of Chikai. They named this tour “Roots of SSW” meaning Roots of singer, song writer.

Three Years in Nagoya

Today is my 3 year anniversary in Nagoya. Here are the very first pictures of my first two days in Nagoya, 3 years ago.

Nabe Party

Nothing like a good old fashion nabe party to remind you that you’ve been doing it all wrong for years.  To my knowledge, there are 4 types of hot pot that are popular in Japan.  First there is Shabu Shabu, which comes with a choice of soups, and dips for your mix of meat and veggies.  There is nabe, which uses a nabe pot and is made up of smaller ingredients, including meat and veggies, but nothing from Sukiyaki and Oden. Oden comes with the usual veggies, eggs, and Chikuwa and a variety of other strange ingredients including tofu. Sukiyaki is similar  but more simple and more like a stew.  For the past years I’ve been doing all of them at the same time, but that divides the taste and that is a terrible thing because each of these flavours are completely different from one another.  This is the result of a perfect nabe with 2 other native Japanese friends!

Happy 2013! Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu!

December was a busy month!  I go to visit a lot of new and old places, but with the backdrop of this season’s greeting. Last year I celebrated Hatsumode at Meiji Shrine and this year I celebrated at Osu Kannon Temple.