After 1 year since my application, and just over a month since my entrance exams, I’ve made it into my Automotive Tech Foundation program! This puts my teaching overseas goals on hold for a few months, but I am still going to do my TESL before anything. This puts me back in school a little less than a year of being lazy. So now within a year I can earn two certificates! Let’s hope this goes well and that by the time I head to Japan I’ll have qualifications worth discussing.

Yargh, I didn’t know donating blood could be so tough. I failed almost 2 years ago because of wait lists and I am failing now because of recently returning from Malaria risky zones. Why can’t they test my blood for Malaria??

UBC yesterday, today SFU

Today, after class at SFU I joined a couple of friends at the Chinese community club or whatever their name is for their annual Chinese New Year celebrations. Entrance fee was $5.00 and Pizza, drinks and snacks were provided! It was a very interactive celebration, which made be hesitate but once I got into it it was quite fun. There were word games where you added words according to the first chinese characters, which I had help because I am so terrible at the language I studied for 2 years. There was also a game where you had 4 people and had to limit the number of limbs against the floor, 3 legged races, singing and dancers.

I don’t know

what to do or what to say. School is a bit tiring, and after school I just watch t.v. or sit in front of the computer nowadays. I recieved a call from the school I will be volunteering at and it seems things will go as planned. I’ve applied for graduation as well and am waiting on approval. If I want to graduate with my B- average I have to maintain a B- average this semester, which seems a little tough with my 2 fourth year classes. I over heard another person who wants to maintain this average on the bus. 2 days ago I had blueberry pancakes that the school was making under the Convocation hall. There is no line up for books this semester, but writing this has reminded me I need to pick up a courseware book. I’m really bored.