Relating to characters

When we watch a show or movie we all like to sympathize with a character.  Usually that character is the most like us or at least in science fiction, the most human character.  Therefore, when we watch superhero movies with protagonists who possess powers which we cannot relate to we feel a little left out or at least slightly less attached.  As we mature we of course only notice these things subliminally or only through repeated exposure, and the loss of interest.  The need to make a superhero like Batman more believable is to make him more gritty, more relate able to our everyday struggles.  He is of course human, and compared to other superheroes the most human, possessing only the powers of insights, James Bond X Q’s intelligence, and simply being quick on his feet.   Its difficult to create these kind of situations in movies or shows that are dominated by powerful beings, and its difficult to find an attraction to characters that are weaker than others.  Therefore, it seems quite smart to put a character in the show that resembles the viewers.  Like adding humans to Transformers, a guy with some overbearing sense of justice, or on the opposite scale a person that would make the same mistakes as the audience helps people relate the movie or show to their own mundane lives.

In the anime, A Certain Scientific Railgun, I find that the addition of a character with no powers, among a group of users with strong powers to weak powers really gives the audience a dimension where they can relate to the characters.  We can see the anime from Saten’s position, and she, like us would want to be just like the strongest characters in Railgun (Spinoff) or A Certain Magical Index (original series).  Dramas and movies usually throw in a fistful of characters and we try to relate to one or the other, and hope they ask questions we think about or make the same choices we would in that situation.  I feel Saten accurately represents the viewers, and like in Index, a person with no power except the ability to cancel powers, was as close as we got.  In Railgun it was taken further, except she isn’t the main character, but a side character that throws a bit of reality in a fistful of impossible situations. She isn’t overbearing like the humans are in the recent Transformer movies.  In those movies, you start to wonder if the robots are just one dimensional beings, and the humans are the only characters that can change and save the Autobots (good guys).  Without characters like Satan to provide a reality check, you could write any unbelievable story and have people either love or hate it.  She is a character which aids the main characters without being too annoying or asking too many questions.   Her ability is in fact the ability to pull us back from the anime and back into our everyday life, and hopefully her emotions and thoughts will  carry over into our daily life.  So what if we don’t have powers ourselves?  She shows us we share something in common with those who have power.  We share similar feelings, we’ll make the same choices under different circumstances, and we’ll explore the possibilities together without being too preachy.

Today’s News: Cleaning, Sushi, Don Kiote and arcade.


Using twitter and facebook

Before I used facebook to meet up with old friends.  Then I used facebook to play games.  Now I use it to have my PS3 auto update my gaming status.  Since gaming is what I’ve been indulging in recently, having it posted without doing it myself gives me a sense of fulfillment that I wouldn’t get it I did it.  Twitter is doing pretty much the same for me now!

Left4Dead fun video

This video shows an exploit known as “god rock” the second designated god area in the game, which means you are safe from every infected. Personally, Left4dead has got to be the shortest game I’ve played that I’ve replayed constantly since the first week of release. The first thing I did was try the game on advance, which was mild because I hadn’t learn the keys, but afterward it was Expert all the way, unless I wanted a quick or stupid game. There is just so many possibilities to discover something new or die in a hilarious and dramatic way.

It truly is every horror movie and more. But I can finally say a true Co-op game has been released despite years of waiting since the childhood days of 4 player Simpsons and Marvel arcade games.

Fragile and Teshima Aoi

Fragile is the upcoming Wii game and the first Wii game that has caught my interest! The style looks similar to Fatal Frame, but the game is not walking the survival horror path, but instead a beautiful and more dramatic vision of the future where humanity has faded. The game’s protagonist is Seito, who finds himself in search for a mysterious girl that he happens to encounter one day while searching for survivors.

The theme song is sung by Teshima Aoi, a 21 year old Seiyuu and Vocalist. She is known for her calming music and earned a youthful entry singing for one of Ghibli’s newer films.

Final Fantasy Plagiarism

Remember that old Korean music video by IVY which copied the Tifa fight from Final Fantasy Advent Children?  Remember how they got sued by Square because they did not get permission?  No? Well it was a popular song in Korea, but the video has been banned throughout the country.  And here is a video link (Veoh not Youtube) here!

Watch Ivy – Sonata of Temptation in Music Videos |  View More Free Videos Online at

Final Fantasy XIII for both PS3 and XBOX360?

           Squaresoft has secured a deal with XBOX360 allowing it to port FFXIII, but at the cost of die hard PS3 fans in North America.  This is good news for XBOX360 rpg fans, and now many FF fans that own a PS3 are left wondering if there was a reason to own a PS3 just for Final Fantasy.  But of course not, PS3 has their own fair share of exclusives including MGS4, Uncharted, and Resistance Fall of Man series.  As one of the first Final Fantasy games in recent times to hit multi-consoles at launch you can expect the fan base to be huge.

Chrono Crossed

Well, since Chrono Trigger has been confirmed for the DS there has been mixed reactions about this port, which was long overdued and features very little changes, and why it was chosen for the DS instead of as Wii download content.  The arguments stems from people who desired the game upgraded like the upcoming Final Fantasy IV.  Many argue they could just play their Snes version, rom version on their handheld or on their pc rather than shell out over $30 for a game that should have costed under $10.  Megaman 9, which is original and new, but looking like its pre-megaman 8 games will be under $10 when it comes out for the Wii, (and newly announced for the) Xbox360 and PS3 through their respective download sites.  In my eyes it seems more like a chance for Square-Enix to milk the porting cow, which they have done for many of their games for the GBA and DS, and appeal to RPG fans that were born too late to experience the snes version of CT, but want to play it with graphics standard for handhelds.  Whatever bonuses Square-Enix adds to this port better be enough to appeal to die hard fans who expected a little more or else they may end up with smaller than anticipated sales.

2.41 patch for PS3

   2.41 has been released today after all the problems 2.40 had on certain PS3s.  Now the trophies have also been updates with more visual appeal namely the Platinum award.  No idea how the PS3 that had problems are doing though so drop a line if your PS3 has been acting up because of any firmware updates.

Vchan’s site appearance going through some rennovation, enjoy the new themes!

Videogames night at SFU and volunteering

We had the SFICC videogames night last night, but the turn out was low.  We only had 4 people show up!  But we had 5 consoles!  The PS3, Wii, XBOX, PS2 and DS’!  We managed to play almost 12 hours though as we started off with Bomberman on the DS with Mario Kart then moved onto the PS3 with MGSIV, then GT5, then on to the Wii for Smash Bro., then onto the XBOX for HALO2, then we went to 4 way bomberman on our DS’ and finally we played Gundam Seed Destiny on the PS2, before heading home!  With justonly 4 of us the advantage was we could spend more on food and snacks!  It was a great time and the small turn out turned out well as we had time to play on every system.

There was very little sleep left for my volunteering today.  I managed to get by 5 hours of it though without feeling too tired.

2.40 borks some PS3s

The 2.40 update has been pulled by Sony because of the amount of PS3 freezing at the initial start up.  2.36 Downgrades were provided, but this is bad news indeed.  I have had no problems today until I began messaging my buddy a few times then my mail client ended up freezing so I ended up quiting the game by shutting down the PS3 manually.  I hope Sony fixes these glitches soon and with my videogames night with SFICC coming up I need my PS3 to be flawless.