Videogames night at SFU and volunteering

We had the SFICC videogames night last night, but the turn out was low.  We only had 4 people show up!  But we had 5 consoles!  The PS3, Wii, XBOX, PS2 and DS’!  We managed to play almost 12 hours though as we started off with Bomberman on the DS with Mario Kart then moved onto the PS3 with MGSIV, then GT5, then on to the Wii for Smash Bro., then onto the XBOX for HALO2, then we went to 4 way bomberman on our DS’ and finally we played Gundam Seed Destiny on the PS2, before heading home!  With justonly 4 of us the advantage was we could spend more on food and snacks!  It was a great time and the small turn out turned out well as we had time to play on every system.

There was very little sleep left for my volunteering today.  I managed to get by 5 hours of it though without feeling too tired.


First volunteer work and at a school!

I did 1H and 30 mins of volunteer work at Templeton today.  I walked into the class and they were watching a video on the holocaust and as expected their were a few ughs and awws.  Afterwards, it was mostly organizing folders and getting to know the teacher Marcey Toms! I like organizing papers, but I felt I could do a faster/better job despite being complemented on my speed.  Next week I get to work with grade eight students, which makes me a bit nervous, but It should be a good experience.