Why top down, why not bottoms up!

Many wise people believe in religion, because it gives people a piece of mind knowing that all their lives work and experience don’t go to waste at the end of their long lives.  Some religions believe in reincarnation, so that we can forego the vanity we all feel when we’re about to pass away.  Others choose to believe to live now, and change the lives of those around them, without worrying about the afterlife, karma, retribution, hell, or anything proven or unproven.  The fact is no matter what it is we all see ourselves as below a greater being or equal to the greater beings.  If that’s the way we see life, aren’t we purposely blinding ourselves to the other possibilities that may exist?  By not looking at any other lifeforms, or other animals like us, we’ve already subjugated ourselves to the belief that nothing from below can control our behaviour or what we are.  In fact, I feel that we work to satisfy those who don’t really know we exist as a conscious being.

Think about it this way, being a single celled organism, and being able to survive, thrive, by feeding off what’s around in a comfortable environment doesn’t really create a need for change.  However, once that food source of comfortable environment has moved on, it is up to the natural genetic make up of the creature to survive.  It survives by building itself a “ship” or a comfortable, safer environment where it can travel and find a source to feed itself and thrive.  Mold spores, pollen, winged ants, human space stations, and many other examples are some examples that are all similar.  Some methods are more organic, others reliant on the environment.  Humans aren’t the only creatures who use the environment to build themselves a way to move on, aquatic life use rocks, shells, insects use leaves, and wind.  Then you have to think.  What is using us?

A recent article about ants who are possessed by a type of jungle mold caught my attention, as well as another article about a virus in cats that can pass to humans.  The mold controls the ant, even in death to walk to the forest floor where it can flourish.  The kitty virus uses mice and makes them reckless so they can get caught and spread up the chain all the way to humans, making many cat owners, in theory, more reckless than dog owners.  We eat, we live, as other insects and animals do it for mother Earth, who sustains us, we pollute and hard this Earth.

Many animals who lose their values become extinct, unless they learn to live apart from the Earth.  Certain fungus’ can live without air, light or water, and if we abandon the Earth will we be the same or sterile?  Insects break down waste and allow plants to flourish, plants take in Carbon dioxide and turns it into air, which many insects and animals use to repeat the cycle allowing everything to live in harmony.  One creature keeps another in check to keep them from overpopulating and disrupting the cycle.  We seem to have many plans, but the most important one right now is to protect our Earth.  If we don’t then we have to flee.  The Earth out of balance will encapsulate itself in extreme weathers, ice, heat, high dust, or radioactivity.  It will eventually happen, even with we’re out of the picture.  Once this is in order then we will continue to focus on ourselves again.

So again, what is controlling us from below?  Our cellular make up, our organs, and everything thing about us is working in synergy to keep us alive, and once in a while cells will go Maverick and threaten our lives.  In most cases however, humans are able to adapt and survive.  We must survive to keep most of us alive.  Even the bacteria that lives with us needs to keep us alive to survive in our gut.  They’re comfortable, they’ve been comfortable for hundreds of thousands of years within our ancestry.  To keep us happy they will work to do their best to ensure proper function.  Once we’re happy, they’re happy.  If they’re unhappy, so are we.  We have the last say with modern technology, but since ancient times they’ve been the ones keeping our body in balance.  So if things are out of balance we die or suffer horribly, or in some cases adapt, and evolve.

One day we may evolve out of our dependence on our bodies ecosystem.  We may be more android, but in that sense, our biology will eventually fade out, and we’d be that Ghost in the machine, that makes it think about why its living, and who it is living for.  So I believe we’re not the driver’s, but the car in this world.  The ones that drive us are well hidden within us.  They may make up what many believe to be a “soul” but in essence its not different than us and animals managing the Earth.  Will we one day evolve to become the driver’s or the souls or something else?  For now, we’ll follow the instincts that so many believe to be free will.  However, we’re still a bird in a cage.