Busy week!

Hmm… every weekend has been pretty busy recently despite the fact I have no work or school, yet.  I hope this doesn’t carry on during my classes next month at BCIT, because my routines can get very time consuming and I dislike falling the slightest bit behind.  Considering this is a new school, and a new field, trades to be exact, I will need extra effort and stress limitors during this time.  Therefore, I may be on IRC and MSN less, which may mean I shall be out of the loop for many fun and interesting conversations and web sites.  My allergies have been flaring up this week as well.  I can’t stop sneezing, and my eyes are swelling throughout the day.  I welcome Spring, our returning overlords, and starting today they are blitzing into our fair city.  The Cherry Blossoms are blooming, which reminds me I should take pictures for the photo contest at London Drugs, and in this sunnier weather, a nice walk may do me good.

This week has been filled with adventures of Fatal Frame 3, p2k’s birthday party, and a movie outing so far in the past 4 days.  I haven’t been able to keep up with my swimming until today, but I managed to do my usual swimming routine.  I’ve been following the same routine for about 3 weeks.  Swimming, hanging out with the same people, and a few new people.  Although I’ve lost contact with some, i’m comfortable with what I have right now.   I think its really fun to bring together group of friends and spend time with each other.  It creates a more diverse environment.  I’m not against keep groups small or overexpanding them though, but sometimes I prefer hanging out with no more than 5 or 6 people at a time.  It allows us to have one big conversation instead of breaking up into small conversations too often.  I usually spend Friday with the same group, saturdays may alternate between several groups, former college friends, irc friends, family, former highschool friends, SFU friends, or same group as yesterday.  Sometimes mixing and matching is possible due to hostilities, but recently its been less of an issue.

I also had an offer from a former classmate about getting a new phone, the Samsung Instinct, which is suppose to be a iphone killer.  It looks interesting, but i’ve always been interested in simple flip phones with the basic necessities.  For this phone I probably won’t ending up using 80% of its functions, which are related to the premium plan.  I plan on sticking with a basic plan, and that gives me enough time to fool around with the GUI, and getting use to locking my phone instead of closing it like I always do with my flip phone.  If it wasn’t for the plan, which includes 100 free text messages, unlimited evenings and weekends after 6pm, 200 minutes, and caller ID, then I wouldn’t have even thought about switching.  I’ve been spending at least 5 bux on text messages every month, signalling to me a need to move on and discover something in the brave new world of cellular phones.

Tomorrow, or later today, since it’s just past midnight, I’ll be taking my car for another AirCare test.  Hopefully the alcohol and loosened pipes will allow me to squeeze a passing grade, because i’ve missed my sporty little RX-7.  Depending wither it passes or fail may determine a few things, like if it’s time to get a new car.  I want a new car sometimes, however, I may be going to Japan to teach if the economic situation there allows me to.  I really want to, but my friends seem pessimistic about job perspectives, and because of that I may have to pursue my future in trades.  I never thought that at this age I would still have so many choices left to make.  I can’t imagine having a normal girlfriend right now at all!  Especially because I have no job too!


Memories that follow you for life

Some are depressing, while some are interesting.  A sad one I remember was in grade 7 when a friend as me to give my friend a picture of her because she felt that he liked her.  I knew he did, but he was too shy to accept the picture.  Being ignorant of what I should have done I returned the picture to her.  However, she would not take it, and she was sadden.  He regretted not taking the picture, but I regretted not holding on to it a little longer before acting.