January ends

January ends with me recalling an article I read this week.  The article states when we write instead of type our minds become more active, creative and various other beneficial aspects.  It makes me wonder if I should stick to writing out my thoughts to achieve the same sense of enlightment that people use to get.  Maybe thats why movies and stories were more creative in the past, the easier something gets to do, the less we benefit from it.  However, I am as lazy does, thanks to all the work I’ve been receiving.  Its reminiscent of my summer time, and I’m tired of it.  When I get back from Vancouver, I’m requesting 2 days off a week.  This will set me back over $500 a month, but if I can’t spend it, learn to save what I have or find activities that don’t involve money then I’m becoming a product of the past.

My mentality should not be why I need, but why I even thought I would need it.  Once I conquer this and the need to spend then I can truly liberate myself from attachments to the physical and the unnatural.  I believe my jealousy, anger and many other negative emotional aspects emerged from my desire to own goods, keep it for myself, and only myself.  If I can forgo these things then maybe I can find a good woman, no, maybe I can learn to find a woman.  The way my brain is working these days, makes me not want to pursue anything but one or two goals.  My decision making has been more stunned than ever before, and age is starting to become a factor in certain decisions.


Living on music

Are my dreams inspired by the music I hear while I’m asleep?  I always sleep with music on and I’ve seen two characters from shows I’m familiar with.  However, none of the situations are positive situations.  Whatever the meaning, today I decided to sleep in.  I got enough sleep but decided to just lie around until lunch.  Then I went to karaoke by myself.  Afterwards, I came home for dinner, laundry and a shower, before placing myself in front of the computer to check out news and read my audio novel.  That was it for the day.

One Week Past

It has been 1 week since I’ve returned from Tokyo.  Well, almost a week.  A few more hours to go, but so far it has felt like a month.  I’ve done so much this past week it literally feels like a month.  At the moment, I’m sick.  Seems I have a fever.  After I got back to Nagoya, I slept, and did laundry. The next day I had work in the morning, and then with the big break in between shifts, I went to the Visa office to get my re-entry pass.  It costs 6000 yen, but it was quite painless except for the hour and a half wait. Since I had a day pass I went to Osu to get some Tsukemen.  However, the place opens at 5:30, so I ended up wandering around looking at Computer Monitors and guitars.  The guitar I had been looking at was sold! Eventually after dinner I headed back to work.  I also paid my electric bill, and tried out the Unagi bentos, which sold for 780 yen.  It was good, but the portions were too small.    The next day I decided to buy the LG 27 inch monitor I saw.  I realized it had been years since I bought a monitor.  My last monitor was a 19 inch.  Now I have a 27 inch widescreen HD TV with a HDMI input.  Afterwards, I walked to Kappa Sushi from Osu.  I notice my heartbeat was irregular.  I think it was a sign I was getting sick.  The next day I met up with Tin for some Tsukemen, and I bought my friend the Maaya Sakamoto score he wanted.  I also fixed my flat tire while taking Tin on a tour of a local shopping arcade.  The next day I met up with Tin again, and this time we went to Nitori, and I ended up getting a Kotatsu table!  I had to re-arrange a lot in my room to fit it in comfortably, but it feels good!  We also went for Indian food, karaoke and Omlets afterwards with Blitz.  These last two days I’ve felt worse and then I knew I had a fever.  Classes have been difficult but tomorrow is a day off.

Before I finished up in Tokyo I spent time with Able and his wife.  I had dinner, breakfast, lunch and went shopping with them.  It was fun!

Happy New Year’d

New Year’s eve started out like no other.  Today I woke up at 4 A.M. to make the trek out for the first train, which began running at 5 A.M.  I tried to take the easiest route to Comiket when I found that many trains don’t run frequently at this hour.  So an hour later I ended up at the base of Akiake station, followed by hundreds of people heading to the same event.  This time there were staff downstairs to take us to where we wanted to go.  The staff guided us to the East building, and from there we sat like prisoners at a concentration camp.  Packed together with males and females of all ages.  We waited a short 3 and a half hours for the event to begin.  During that time I made friends with a person name “Rei-san” and we talked about Vocaloid, Umineko and other Comiket related things.  His first goal was near mine, in fact it was next to mine.  But once the event started people went into overdrive mode.  Everyone was everywhere, but of course the morning wasn’t as bad as noon.  So I easily made my way to two shutters, including my “Chibi Miku” one.  I bought pretty much all they had (second time around), and made my way to pick up some Umineko drama cds, and some things for my roommate.  I was done by 11:30, but stuck around the Chibi Miku line for fun.  I saw hundreds of people line up for a single thing stretching all the way down the road.  One line had almost 100% girls and that stretched as far as the eye can see.  What made things difficult is the lack of space to safely store your things after buying them.  You weren’t allowed to spend long in an empty space before a guard moved you.  There was something annoying about being moved away by a male staff member dressed us a female witch, but at Comiket its pretty much the norm.  There was one more thing I was interested in today, but the lines for those shutters were too long.  Umineko will have to wait until its released in stores tomorrow!  I went home to nap, and discuss my buys, and then woke up to go to Akihabara to spend 1000 yen on a crane game (total 2000 yen) in a group effort to get this one Miku Towelette.  Afterwards, we had Kishimen, and split up.  I went home instead of Karaoke.