Comiket/Root Double/January News

Comiket 81 has finished, and what came out of it was more information on Root Double Before Crime After Days.  The advertisement flyer they handed out on Day 3 of Comiket came with a free bag!  I’m lucky I chose to stick around until the very end.
They handed out the bag and flyer quite suddenly outside of the Industry Comiket area and it ended just as quickly as it started with limited numbers of lucky people acquiring the yellow bags.  Enjoy the new pictures and story!
Root Double Before Crime After Days, is a new story by the director of Ever17, another visual novel that encompasses decision making to achieve a path to the true ending.  999, was another game which stood out in the series, and was recently released on the DS last year. I also received a special drama cd.
More information on the game can be found @Siliconera.
December 23rd, 10 Minutes till Midnight
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December 19th, 3:53 P.M.
The brand new Hatsune Miku Snow Miku has been revealed alongside a Miku train in Hokkaido.
This is the third rendition and the biggest change to the Snow Miku look since they were established a few years ago.
The train will be active from the 19th of December to the 30th of March.