Day 438

There was a disaster several months ago in the East Sphere, in which the authorities remain rather silent about.  It appears a “Quad Wave” managed to breach the outer hull of the ship.  Being a rather small ship compared to the other classes the damage was quite extent in that sector.  It poses no real threat to our general health, however the ventilation systems may have suffered a leak which allows chemicals leaked from the damage air to filter in.  The filtration system is ahead of its time, but there are fears that food stored in that area may be contaminated due to the instability of the filters in that area.  Many lives perished in the “Greater Wave” disaster.  Memorials were held and many remain missing and unaccounted for.  The space contaminated space debris may cause a problem for other ships entering the area.  General complaints have been submitted by ships that frequent the area.  Life has gone back to normal in many parts of the ship, but power shortages do exist.  Relocating and restoring the health of those who lost their homes have been difficult.  Production and manufacturing sectors have been hit really hard by the loss of electricity and supplies that were only available from the contaminated areas.  The ones that didn’t leave in fears of a greater disasters have reassured our families that the problems have been contained, and that chances of recurrence are low.  We will have to shut down the air cooling systems in the general hall way though.

The heat is a little difficult to deal with during our travel between rooms and spaces.  The air cooling function has been turned off in most corridors but remain functioning in living spaces.  This is in effort to preserve electricity as many generators have been shut down in preparation of fixing the damaged zones.  This isn’t the first time we had to deal with such humidity and heat though.  Every year for about 3-4 months, energy use is reduced to conserve and repair certain systems and function of the ships.  Such as emergency systems, and preparation for situation where energy and life preserving systems are in critical or reduced conditions.  I think about moving to other ships or back to the mother ship on occasion, but no ship is perfect.  Every ship will face a disaster, wither human related or ship related.  The best thing to do is remain calm and sane in such a situation.  Although many of our nerves are in shock or denial about the situation the fact of the matter is it existed, and may continue to exist for as long as our species does.

I’ve had a lot of chances to travel between nearby ships to help out on personelle shortages.  I really like travelling by super rapid transit.  The change in scenery is also nice. I wish I could do this more often, there’s a lot I want to see and do before I have to make any final decisions about leaving.  I am however changing my room in a couple of months, and then I will definitely get my own form of transportation between ships. Since I’ve been feeling down lately, maybe it will help me feel better.


431 days

Day 431.  It has been 431 days since I’ve arrived on the Eclipse.  At the advice of a colleague I’ve decided to start a journal of my travels on this ship. The Eclipse is the newest class of Vectorcraft, designed to house the industrialists of this ship.  Although it is quite small compared to other ships, it is quite crowded compared to other ships.  The room were all designed to be small and efficient, providing only the bare minimum of services required, but in fine quality.  There are other housing areas further along the centre, but those areas are much smaller, and dirtier.  I feel lifeforms weren’t designed to be separated from their biological planet for so long, but examples in evolution have shown that adaptation is possible.  Those who don’t adapt will probably struggle, or die.  I don’t have it so bad, but because of the population ventilation systems are a little overworked.

I’ve come to assist industrialists with basic knowledge of other ships, and help bridge any culture problems that arise from their departure from this ship.  Because this ship is so small a lot of the culture has become homogenized and a lot of the time I feel isolated.  I’ve heard good things about this ship though,  their workman ship is great and many of the people here struggled in their past life to make it this far into this competitive, new ship to make a better life for themselves.  I’ve learned a lot in these past hundreds of days, but I feel the time goes by fast when you’re always working.  I’ve had time to explore and see the culture with help from some natives.  Although the belief system has passed on since ancient times, many of the beliefs these people shared in the past had been incorporated into their culture.  So many superstitions are just a part of their lives, that many don’t realize the impact it has on them.  As an outsider its quite a surprise to me, but they never really gave it any thought.

I’ve recently acquired a license that will allow it easier for me to use some of the more private transportation methods on this ship.  I hope to one day buy one for myself, but when I think about it, the capitalist culture died out a long time ago in the past.  People never really own what they buy any more, most of the time we’re just renting it, and that’s just fine.  We can change in any old model of communication devices and transportation device any time for the new one.  The only cost is that they have a log of how we use it, so we have to be more responsible, but mandatory insurance will cover any accidents. It’s another way that us humans have thrown away our vanity and attachment to things that won’t be here forever.  The culture on this ship and products at our disposel help us free ourselves from the evils of desire that plagued our ancestors and created class differences.  Since that time, we’ve been free from “masters”, and “popes”, figureheads and others who tried to teach us how to live our lives according to how a minority believed. We’ve truly become our own people.  However, we always have to keep ourselves ready for a time where the darkest times might return.  In that case this newest ship has the best GeneComputer.  She is more than just a living computer, she herself manages all life support systems, and navigation, as well as basic necessities of food, water, and transportation.  The old systems were great, but G.C. really does allow us to use our time to pursue our potential.  I think it’s time to take another break!

Your non-disappearing existence

Wouldn’t it be great if after your death there remained no trace of your physical existence.  It would almost feel like you had never died.  Your physical works would remain, and in essence with the complete absence of bones and flesh, it would be like your so called soul would exist until your works vanished forever.

The fact our bones stick around forever, is the greatest proof that we’ve lived and died.  It’s a little painful to think about sometimes, sometimes I wish we could just disappear after death.  However, our biological routes and our extensions are all made up of our mother Earth and the resonance that developed within use during our experiences.

I guess we can always just think of our bones as minerals, like rocks, ashes and dust.

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Hamamatsu a successful, Canucks not

Today, I had booked my morning off to watch Game 7.  I put in this request before Game 1 began, I had a feeling it would come to a game 7.  However, I didn’t predict a loss.  I predicted a riot thought and Downtown is ground zero for the Stanley Cup riots.  Just like in 93-94.  While the world has suffered disasters, Vancouver has been creating their own man made ones. The game was a bit of a bore, but Hamamatsu was quite fun.

I took the Shinkansen for the first time in ages, and it was as fun as I remembered.  It was full of high school students returning from their trip out West.  It was noisy, but in a fun way.  When I landed in Hamamatsu I had little trouble finding my way to the LC.  Its a nice place, but some of the rooms smelled funky.  The kids room had no tables, and we have to take our shoes off!  That’s kinda a surprise.  The Peda forms are filled out a little different from us and they do BE1-4 like we do BE5-8.  We move point by point.  The rooms are huge as is the Staff room.  They also have WI-FI! I wish we had Wi-Fi!  They’re also just above Freshness burger, something we lack in Nagoya.  Everyone was very nice and they prepped all my lessons over an hour before I even arrived.  They got all my material, even for my kids classes (which usually takes a dozen minutes or more).   Last but not least a big surprise, they work until 10 P.M., but they also start work at 10 A.M., which is a lot better than 8:30 AM.  Which I have to do tomorrow.  Sigh.

To Hamamatsu

Every Thursday, for a while, I’ll be in Hamamatsu to teach classes.  I’ll be able to use the Shinkansen on a regular basis, all expenses paid.  I love riding on the Shinkansen, and I’ll be able to do it for at least 80 minutes every Thursdays.  This will also be the first time I visit Hamamatsu, as every other time I travel to Tokyo, I probably pass through either by train or bus.

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