Dream of Gods

My new lens the E-mount 35mm 1.8 with OSS has arrived. This prime lens projects images a lot closer than my other lenses. This is also my first “real” lens for my Nex5n. Not one of those oem lenses, like my 16mm pancake and my 18-55mm stock lens.  The way this lens blurs out the background and allows light in is amazing. I will be taking a lot of good pictures in Japan and while overseas these coming months. Next trip, Kyoto! For Gion Matsuri.



Happy Canada Day!


146 years of independence. Kind of funny that we originally wanted to remain part of the British kingdom, but was hastily pushed out because we were too expensive for British taxpayers. Oh well! Long live the Queen?

Imported Old Blog

I’ve just imported my old blog! My history since 2007 is now available. However, there are a lot of broken picture links. It’ll take my a while to go through them. Thanks for your patience!


Also, it is 7 months before my 7 year anniversary of my first post ever blog post! Before, it was all irc!

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Japan is still inspiring Hollywood (Sugar Rush)


Yesterday, I watched Wreck it Ralph. Wreck it Ralph, or Sugar Rush in Japan, is a movie about a retro video game character (Ralph) trying to survive in a modern era. Gaming, although not exclusively Japanese, had its rebirth with Nintendo and Sega in the 80’s.  Their games and characters has inspired over 3 decades of gamers, and until the West recently caught up with their own AAA titles, Japanese game character names were known throughout the world.  It’s no surprise then that the main characters are inspired by Mario and other clones, and that the supporting characters are actually from games in the real world.  Immediately, children and adults can find a connection, compared to a movie like Toy Story which focuses mostly on toys of a certain generation.  To add to the Japanese connection, the fashion of game “Sugar Rush” is very similar to real world Harajuku fashion, and backed up with the antics of AKB48’s “Sugar Rush” song in the end credits.

All in all, the movie’s story line is fairly generic, but uses terms and ideas that are more for the young IT crowd that grew up on shows like in anime, Reboot, etc.  To be honest, It seemed more like a generic racing movie in disguise. The underdog racer who is discriminated, the learning process she goes through with someone like herself, and the final acceptance of disabilities as a special trait. However, the movie itself is great for those Japan fans and gaming fans, who are reference spotting, and the movie doesn’t fail in that aspect. I enjoyed the movie more towards the end, as the twist and the mystery played out, but I wish they had provided more hidden hints throughout the show to keep it more interesting.

AKB48 – Sugar Rush

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