In Translations Lost

Spending most of my day cleaning and relaxing on the 19th, I then spent the afternoon moving the rest of my things over to my new apartment, until 7 P.M.  At that time Justin and I went to karaoke with his friends.  We sang for 2 hours before I had to take off and prepare to leave for Tokyo.   I got in line on the West side of Nagoya station and by 11:30 P.M.  I was on my way to Tokyo.  I didn’t sleep very well, but the rest stops were entertaining.  Around 5:30 AM I arrived and began walking down Shinjuku to make my way to Shibuya.  The streets were really empty and there was quite a pleasant breeze.  Any colder and I would have preferred a jacket.  At Harajuku I had McDonalds for breakfast, hotcakes and Ice Coffee.  Harajuku was really empty, and I had never seen it not packed with people.  It felt like it just got abandoned, but of course it was still around 5AM.  Mosquitoes were feeding off me so I left McDonalds.  I made my way towards Shinjuku but decided to head towards Roppongi, and then I took the train to Akihabara.

At Akihabara I wandered around for hours, just learning where my stops were, and looking for anything open.  However, nothing would open until 10AM according to everyone so I went to McDonalds to relax with a McGriddle.  When everything open I went to the 3 major anime stores.  First Gamers, then ToraNoAna, and Animate.  Afterwards, I walked back towards Ueno and took the train to Azuba near Tokyo Tower.  There I met with Jason picked up the ipod and had more McDonalds.  This time a chicken burger and McFlurry.  I was low on batteries but I decided to check out the tower and wait there for her.  However, she didn’t end up coming so after an hour I went to look for a place to rent.  With help from Blitz


Moving going terribly slow.  I need to take apart the bed and the rest of the things I can throw into my bag.  Then need to pay my roommate what I owe.  Long day tomorrow. Eyes red and veiny.

Temporary Sayonara-Goodbye

Today:  Some short classes today, and my first jab at tab.  Groups for lower level have become surprisingly and shockingly easier today.  I wonder why.  I also went to Don Kiote.  They have the bed I want, but its too big to bring home.  I can’t justify paying for delivery!

Yesterday:  Pulled a long night finishing Umineko 6.  Was all in good fun.

Tomorrow: Nya~ My internet will be down for a couple of weeks, as I set off to my new place.  I pray the roaches are dead.

Luck and magic

What is the key to magic, is it really love?  Without love, nothing can be seen?

I was recently thinking about the time I won a game of rock paper scissors.  It was by accident, but I revealed a Scissor, before everyone revealed their hands.  Everyone, suspecting I would either use scissors again or at least be smart enough to switch to Rock,  used Rock.  However, everyone was thinking they could either smash my Scissors  next round if I had chosen it again and at the same time avoid Paper for the same reason.  So they chose what they saw as the safe bet, the Rock. That logic basically locked my opponents in a closed room, the witch’s realm created by my false demon.  I had already decided on Paper soon after revealing the Scissors because using it again was suicide, and the use of rock would be everyones desire because there were 3 players. 3 players create a greater sense of security, where the chances of losing were slightly lower, but at the same time people drop their reasoning.  It was an accident, because I even thought of using rock but for some reason my logic of using paper worked and I won.  In that sense people chose Rock because they believed a Scissor would exist and because its existence had become confirmed people would avoid Paper, and only Rocks could co-exist or dominate Scissors.  Paper was forgotten and the witch took off its skin and revealed its true form, a normal human with endless magic.  A true closed room murder was created.

Today’s News:  Walked around Nagoya, trying to look for furniture.  However, its fairly expensive everywhere.  Being a Friday many children were out with their family members.  In the middle of Oasis, where the Cosplay Summit once stood was a big white tent blocked off by walls and staff.  Inside you could hear screaming, and outside you could see signs that show warning and blood in Japanese.  It was obvious it was a ghost house, but on Friday afternoon, in the broad day light and in this heat?  Needless to say it was interesting hearing screams in the middle of such a public place at this time.  After heading to Tokyo Hands around Sakae and Nagoya Station I decided to give up until going to Don Kiote to check out a futon/bed.  On my way back from the grocery store I saw a man sitting outside cranking a hand crank radio to listen to what sounded like a baseball game.  It seemed a little out of place, but at the same time something you may only see in Japan.  A man sitting in the dark who may have lived during the 50’s, enjoying the marvels of old, now cheaply massed produced technology, when he could easily just use an electric or battery powered ipod or radio.  Many of us would think that the only time we would depend on such a thing was during a disaster, but someone is living outside the box and probably getting some good excercize for his arm and hand.

Yesterday’s News: Got to check out the apartment with my landlord.  The place is spic and span with only two tiny roaches, however when I came back I saw 2 large ones which I brushed outside.  They died quite quickly suggesting the room has enough toxins to weaken roaches this much.  I’ll be moving in soon, and I hopefully will have a bed and more poison by then.

Tomorrow’s News: 4 classes and no classes on Sunday.  Obon is like wow.  I get to sleep in…hopefully.  I really need it, only slept 2 hours last night because of oversleeping the morning earlier. Apparently tomorrow there are only about about 60 students and only 40 for Sunday.

Sleep is good, man.

Today: Got a good 12 hours of sleep to make up for the lack of.  Must meet landlady tonight.

Yesterday: Full day of work. I had my day sheet updated a couple of times, ended up with 11 classes. I finally got my commuter pass!  I think students really enjoy it when I show confidence, they seem to bask off the energy I can show when I lack sleep.

Tomorrow: Another long day and dominated by Shine, but at least I get to get off early!  I’ll get to use my commuter pass!

Rude awakening

Yesterday & Today: After spending a bit of time playing Umineko before bed yesterday I got a call to fill in for work.  I was really sleep, and I was looking forward to a nice long morning nap.  My body didn’t feel too exhausted because I usually woke up around 8am.  I ended up going shopping for lunch and dinner before cleaning my turtles nest.  It really began to rain in the afternoon so I decided to take the train to work.  During my break I went to karaoke.

Tomorrow:  10 classes, morning to night.  Then it will be freedom for a day.  I’m going to get a commuter pass tomorrow.


Today: After going to Loft because Sakae Karaoke was packed, we got to do 3 hours of karaoke during my long break.  It was really fun singing my heart out.  I really enjoyed singing faster song recently because I think I’ve gotten better at reading fast text.  After walking back to Berlitz and finishing a class with a new student, I did my laundry and ate some dinner.  Since then I’ve  been playing more Umineko, and I think its been helping my detective skills.

Yesterday: Caught the last train home after running from the arcade.  I just made it by a couple minutes.

Tomorrow: Short day, and finally a day to sleep in until noon.

The weekend is over!

Today: Achim’s Birthday.  After a long day at work, doing 8:30-5:15, I was really exhausted.  I had a burger, and then went to the arcade to play more Project Diva with Blitz and gang.

Yesterday:  I’m out of deodorant! Blitzwing and I went to Kappa sushi after Tora no Ani.  Blitz helped me stop the non stop calling by Softbank.

Tomorrow: A mildly long day tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get in some Karaoke, or at least relax somehow.  I need a haircut.


Today: We saw Boen off today, then some of us went to karaoke.  Before I went back I had some egg soba bento.  I finally started biking to work again!

Yesterday: Was win.

Tomorrow: Must get tickets. Must get them soon.

Mahjong Victory!

Today: I won my first full game of Japanese Mahjong today.  I was playing with the usual crew, and the last game before Boen leaves for Tokyo.  I just got killer hands, including flushes, straights, and all pairs for some hands.  Throwing away 1’s and 9’s helped a lot.  The score was high enough that nobody came close to my final score of 42000.  It certainly feels good to win.  Otherwise I spent most of my day playing Umineko and stopped by the 99cent store to pick up some drinks, dinner and other goods.

Yesterday: It was a killer long day of upper level, groups, Biz, for a total of 11 classes.  Its really exhausting.

Tomorrow: I’ll start biking tomorrow.  Then I’ll need to pick up the Bus tickets this weekend or else!