My Soundwave collection. Complete. Masterpiece.

Masterpiece 13, 15 and 16. A collection that took over 3 months to create, came with 5 cassettes and the one and only Soundwave. Priced at around $200, because of the Amazon sale, I also received 2 bonus clear Energon Cubes because of the Amazon bonus.  For those who were unfortunate to miss such a release, or reside state side, fear not! Soundwave will be coming to the West, along with all 5 cassettes, in one package. He will also come with more cartoon accurate visors and colors. Being an early adopter always has its price, but this time it was completely worth it.  Soundwave, which I’ve yet to convert into a Cassette player, comes with incredible detail, rivaling that of MP Starscream and a load of accessories!

The accessories, including Megatron’s gun and the hidden details were the most interesting parts. Soundwave is full of storage for Rumble and Frenzy, as well as for his own weapons and equipment.  For example hands can be hidden to attach accessories, snap on battery packs from MP15 and 16, do just that on Soundwave. Buzzsaw and Laserbeak can attach to Soundwave through a snap on point on his arm and so on.  My favorite function is the cassette ejector, it feels durable and it can fit 3 cassettes and eject them without difficulty thanks to a loading mechanism and button inside and behind him.

However, it’s not all sunshine and happiness. His on movable fingers fall of easily, which reminds me of the dangerous days of Optimus and his hide and seek fists. His cassette area is made of clear plastic, but I can clearly see smudges and small scratches, not just there but all around his body. Somehow I don’t think its battle damage.  Overall, he doesn’t feel as solid as Starscream, but he does come close. His metal legs are pretty awesome and are quite durable at holding him up. His joints are circular, and remind me of GoodSmile Company’s toys, but a little more durable!  All in all, this figure is incredibly photogenic, and as someone who loves to take pictures of miniatures and a big Transformers fan, I’m clearly in Cybertron heaven.