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Manaca Card

A lot of ping pongs today.  The Manaca card has replaced the Yurika cards and these past4 days people have been lining up at the commuter pass desks to get one.  Luckily I got mine at Shin-Toyota station where there were little to no lines.  It costed 2000 yen initially, with 1500 yen free to use.  Unlike the Suica cards in Tokyo, these ones don’t seem to read through my wallet.  Other people learned that as well today, because I just kept hearing ping pongs all over the station.  It happened to me too.



Headed down to Osu after work to meet Blitz and his friends.  When we got there we all went to Melody M’s maid cafe.  We had a bento or dessert or both before heading off to Karaoke until 7 P.M.  My voice seems to be getting a lot weaker, I want what it is.  Am I low on energy, or is it the weather?  Anyway, afterwards we went to get some food at Kappa Sushi, before walking back to Blitz’s place.  The GPS is finally working, but inside buildings it has issues.  It also takes 10 minutes to warm up, which isn’t so cool.  After gaming for a bit and watching some South Park, I headed home for some rest.