Guitar for the garage?

After bringing in the drums, we may have a new electric  guitar during our garage practice thanks to Will. I’ve nailed down a sound on the bass, the fingers sure reek of metal after practice.  This Sunday may be our first practice since 2 weeks ago.

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Richmond O-zone

Richmond’s O-zone is nowhere as packed as Downtown Vancouver. As a matter of fact,  any random area in Downtown is probably more buzzing than all of the Richmond O-Zone.  Despite that, the O-zone has a lot to see and do.  The first thing you’re greeted with is the Volunteer guards and security, and then the Heineken Pavilion before you reach the big screens.  At the big screens are performers, some days its jazz and other days, other things.  The jazz show had a nice sound, the acoustics were clearly designed for a large area, but a smaller crowd.  Further inside one can find the Olympic Oval pavilion, the outdoor ice oval and VIP areas.  The big screens are without sound until you backtrack, leave the security area and head to city hall.  At city hall one can find a series of smaller pavilions, anywhere from wine tasting to Canada’s contribution to NASA.  The big screen also has sounds and so many more gathered here to watch Canada win GOLD in Ice dancing.  The events close at 9pm, which is a lot later than most events in Downtown.



Skates for wide feet

In the past, I have always wondered why shoes never fit me well.  So, I decided to check my shoes one day and noticed that the sides are stretched more, and my toes never reach the end.  I compared my feet to others and noticed it was a lot wider. I also noticed it more when people stepped on my shoes and I would not feel anything.  Shoes were always too small for me before I convinced my parents I needed bigger shoes.  As I grew older my feet grew wider, but not longer.  I could wear a size 7-9 without major problems because the width would grapple on to the sides.  However, not specifically choosing a size led to several sprained ankles while running or roller blading.  The sides would always rub a lot and lead to a lot of skin peeling and soreness.  When I finally got into hockey a person analyzed which size would fit me the best and he gave me a size 5 and a half skate.  My feet were certainly tights and slightly painful.  However I would not have to wear hockey tape around my feet like I did with inline skating.  It was painful at first, but after a while I got use to it, because the skates expanded.

Now I ask, I am not the only one with wide feet, First Nations in Canada are known to have wider feet than the general population.  I am not first nations, but genetically speaking first nations share many if not all the traits Asians do.  During forensics while analyzing bones and other features it is commonly referred that the person is either Asian or First Nation descent.  This helps back up the theory of the land-bridge and further justify we’re all from the continent of Africa and shared the same great great…grandmother.  Realizing this NIKE and archaeologists helped design shoes for First Nations so that they are wider.  However, they are not on the general market.  One day I hope to see more progress that makes the life of the Aboriginals and my life  a little easier.  The skates no longer fit me, and I was thinking of returning to skating.  Hopefully, somewhere, I will find some skates that fit!

Olympic downtown maddness

Got to the zipline at 9am, but had to wait until 2pm before we were done!  After eating it was  to the cauldron by waterfront.  People were selling pins at roadside, the german fest house was at the opposite end of the flame past the media center.  The cauldron is under lock and key aka chain fence.  Back towards Robson and into the art Museum, however all pavilions were closing at 4pm and I didn’t get to go into any.  The art museum was nostalgic bringing back pictures of early 90’s Vancouver.   Afterwards on to the ice rink for some photos. Watched Canada win their first hockey game 8-0 on a TV inside pacific center! Then it was off to celebrate at night time Robson.  After dinner, there was fireworks, light show, and music.  Cheering continued as those wave the Soviet Flag for Russia, those who celebrated Canada’s victory as well as “BC BUD”. 13 Hours well spent in Downtown!


Watched the torch relay run down 49th ave.  Lotsa people gathered then dispersed.  Now thats efficiency.  I am also 180.4 pounds now or 82 KG. 183.6 pounds with clothes on.

So I donated blood!

I donated blood yesterday, and got a Olympic Pin.  Its not so bad, I don’t know what made me feel more tired, swimming or the blood donating process.  Apparently by blood flow is slow, so I finished later than people who started after me.  They gave me something to squeeze on, then a glove with warm water to squeeze on, and then one lady tightened my blood pressure device, which kind of hurt.  Otherwise, its nothing special or different than a blood test.

Bass Guitar

I recently bought a Bass guitar for the purpose of building a music skill that was never developed.  I think now is the best time for me to learn, because I have the time, commitment and knowledge of music I didn’t have when I was younger.  I couldn’t differentiate the drums from the bass, the harp from the acoustic guitar, the guitar from the keyboard when I was in high school.  In fact before grade 9 the only music I listened to were old soundtracks from movies, cartoons and radio jingles.  It was not until I was in high school that I got my own stereo and I spent hours listening to the same songs and taping my favorite songs.  I still remember my first favorite, “That thing you do!” from the movie with the same name. I’ve yet to see the movie, but maybe I will one day.

I’ve begun practicing with my Squier by Fender P-Bass.  I’ve been reading the book for dummies and so far I’m 80 pages in and the excercizes are beginning.  My strumming hand is pretty decent, but I have to work on my left hand.  Moving between frets is difficult, but with time I feel I can do it.

My friend also recently moved his drums in.  This might be interesting.

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Blood Pressure

Systolic: 119 (normal) borderline to prehypertension which is 120

Diastolic: 71 (normal) well below borderline of 80

Pulse: 61 (normal) 1 beat per minute

Weight: 186/84 pounds/kg, fully dressed. Jeans, shirt,  boxers, socks, shoes.

Height: 5 foot 8 inches, 173 cm

BMI: 28~ Condition:  Overweight

I need to lose about 20 pounds to be below borderline overweight. The last time I was 164 was when I was in Japan. I was 174 in Canada but lost 10 pounds from walking everyday.