Golden Week Adventures!

Last year, Golden Week was a continuation of my year long journeys around Japan. This year, I’ve hardly been out of Nagoya for work and vacationing. Originally, I had planned to visit Shikoku and Kyushu this year, but everyone had other plans. The trip still may come to fruition, but it is uncertain when. April 29th was the official start day of Golden Week for many people, or April 28th for those that don’t work or have school on weekends. After a great sushi night, and a walk from Kanayama to Kamimaezu and Nagoya, I celebrated my first day of Golden Week working on my Yotsuba model, SimCity and Saizeriya for dinner. Slowly and carefully, I will be finished sometime later this year.

Tomorrow, a day of karaoke is planned with some friends! Also, following up on Maaya Sakamoto’s concert, it was fun, but not as entertaining as her Route38 concert! The first half were all songs from her new album (as we expected) and other lesser known songs. The second half had a medley of her best songs, and finished with a Macross Frontier song, and one of my favorite songs, Poketto wo kara ni shite!


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